Ron is a North Carolina native and watercolor realist known for his attention to detail. With no formal training, Ron began expanding his natural artistic skills in the 1980’s, by experimenting with watercolors and soon developed a real comfort with the medium.

He began entering his paintings in various art shows and festivals, traveling to both ends of the Carolinas, winning numerous awards, while working full time in the insurance industry. After taking an early retirement from The Hartford Insurance Group, Ron entered into a joint venture with Andreas Bechtler, noted Charlotte art collector and property developer, in 2006, to open an art gallery,(The Art House) in the quaint town of Oakboro. The gallery featured Ron’s work along with other artisans and select pieces of Mr. Bechtler’s valuable contemporary modern art collection, while offering custom framing service to customers.

At the end of 2012 a decision was made to end The Art House venture due to a difficult economic climate. In 2013 Ron moved his art studio temporarily back to his home in Richfield, NC, although the move has not deterred his creative motivations.

Ron’s paintings cover a wide range of subjects including rural and coastal landscapes to historic and wildlife scenes, embodying his southern heritage. Ron feels that watercolor is the perfect medium for him because it is ideal for emphasizing texture and detail. “There are no hidden agendas in my paintings, but, if my art can awaken a past memory, or stir an emotion, then I’ve accomplished my role as an artist.”

Ron’s artwork can be seen at The Fresh House Restaurant in Locust as many of his framed pieces adorn the walls. “I will always be grateful to Dave and Robin Hinson for their support and encouragement.”  He is continually amazed while participating in art shows from the piedmont to the mountains, how many people recognize his work from seeing it at the Fresh House Restaurant. “It seems I’ve become  “The  Fresh House Artist”, which is something I’m very proud of.”

Ron and his wife Sandy reside in Richfield, NC. They have 3 children, Gretchen, Angela and James, two grandsons, Taylor and Jake, and twin granddaughters, Alden and Allison.